Specialty Service

Anger Control
Our anger control program works to help our clients Identify the triggers of their anger. Anger is a natural and normal response to life’s irritations. Anger can become a problem if it explodes out of control, leads to problems, or is felt too often. It is important to explore the negative feelings and behaviors associated with anger so that we can show you how to respond to it in a healthy manner.

Our program consists of evidence-based curriculum and skills development. We teach our participants that anger is a secondary emotion, usually instigated by other feelings such as rejection, sadness, or fear. Often, people with anger issues try to suppress their feelings and this can lead to wild emotional outbursts and health problems. The key is learning how to control reactions so that anger is not expressed in a negative or violent way.

Participants will be encouraged to think about how they experience anger and identify the roles anger has played in their past. We will walk through the changes the body goes through when someone becomes angry and learn how to develop an anger plan to stay out of difficult situations.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, affects both males and females in intimate relationships. It occurs when there is a pattern of abusive behavior in a relationship and that behavior is used to gain control of another person, usually a spouse or significant other. Domestic violence is sometimes stereotyped as physical abuse, but it can also take on other forms, such as verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse.

The goal of The Willow Center’s domestic violence program is to rehabilitate those inflicting the abuse by showing them how to create healthy relationships. We combine the elements of our Anger Control program with more specific curriculum that focuses on creating healthy relationships and identifying the reasons participants tend to turn to violence. By breaking the cycle of abuse, we can show families how to live without inflicting abuse on one another and how to instill healthy communication skills with everyone in the household.