Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

We are a level one care facility, meaning that our outpatient treatment is appropriate for those whose condition is sufficiently stable, whose symptoms are mild, and those willing to participate in a treatment plan. We view our outpatient programs as a way for those recovering from substance use disorder to get some much-needed support as they transition back to their everyday lives. It is also an excellent option for those who know they need help for drug or alcohol use but are unable to stop working or attending school to get it.

Our outpatient substance use treatment consists of both group and individual therapy. The groups are all gender-specific and have a maximum number of participants allowed to keep the client-to-therapist ratio small. All of our therapists are trained in multiple treatment modalities to accommodate the specific needs of each individual. We also work closely with medication-assisted treatment centers to coordinate those healthcare needs of our clients.

During the course of outpatient treatment at The Willow Center, we will explore the events that brought someone to our center, diving into any unresolved trauma from the past. We will help them understand what kind of relationship they have with drugs and alcohol and how their environment, lifestyle, and genetics all contribute to that relationship. Many clients also have co-occurring disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and treatment for those is also included in each individualized treatment plan.

When someone completes our outpatient program, they will know the eight dimensions of wellness and ways they can improve their life in each dimension. They will be taught positive coping skills and how to incorporate the tools they have learned to make decisions that align with their values. We won’t tell them that living life on life’s terms is easy, but we will show them that it can be done. These tools, support, and accountability is what we believe makes us uniquely different and our outpatient program successful.